Vinyes Singulars 'Sumoll Rosat Amphora' 2017

$ 32.00

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Ignasi Segui is at the forefront of reclaiming Cava as a wine of quality. His lineage in Penedes stretches back centuries and so he has in his care a patchwork array of heritage vineyards strewn throughout winding forests hence the name 'unique vineyards.'  Ignasi began making wine in the cellars of Mas Candi, the paradigm shifting eno artisans that have fostered a wave of thoughtful Cava producers. 2015 marks a new phase for Ignasi with the construction of his own cellar where he's free to experiment. His wines are a satisfying mix of gorgeous classics and expertly manifest curiosities.  

This wine falls into the latter group, a pink wine made from Catalonia’s fascinating red grape Sumoll from a baby fresh vineyard Ignasi planted in 2010.  After two days maceration, the wine is pressed into a mix of chestnut and hand-made amphora from Catalan clay guru Carles Llarc a mere 10 km from the winery.  The wine is a profound mingling of quintessentially Spanish savor, glass slippered delicacy and a naughty suggestion of effervescence.

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