Slobodne 'Traja Boxeri' 2016

$ 22.00


Slovakian wines right? You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one these days! Wait. No, that is not remotely true and also why do people swing dead cats? Wait, this is what the internet is for. (ten minutes later) Okay no one can agree but it looks like it might refer to the cat-o-nine-tails and trying to whip sailors in small spaces connecting to the other saying ‘no space to swing a cat’. Well that got dark fast. Anywho, this is one of two seriously cool Slovak wineries we’re familiar with and we’re still just getting to know it.  This is an old family winery located in Trnava, Western Slovakia where the echoes of communism still ring out clear as day. The approach here is a melding of historic reclamation, novel approaches and cultural cross pollination (like skin-fermented, qvevri aged Gewurztraminer and such). ‘Traja Boxeri,’ presumably named for the the family’s precommunist brand ‘three boxers,’ is Sauvignon Blanc but this is not what you’re expecting. Truly this wine is a bit of a mindfuck. Forget all the citrusy mineral associations, this is fungal, herbal, fermenty and goddamn crazy. It’s like a matcha explosion in your face. BOOOOOOOOM!

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