Reveur 'Un Instant sur Terre' 2017

$ 43.00


Mathieu Deiss is the grandson of the legendary Marcel Deiss and steward of his legacy.  He's been confidently preserving the halcyon splendor of the domaine but recently became entranced with the wilder, raw wines of his neighbors. Vignoble du Reveur is the side project for Mathieu wherein he can both play and reinvigorate scraps of vines he inherited from his maternal Grandmother and uncle. We first encountered him in the Spring of 2017 in a booth at the Vini Veri natural wine show outside of Verona. He was showing his second vintage in bottle with the new project and the wines weren't quite there yet but the potential was unmistakable. Flash forward to this last November's RAW wine show in New York and we got to catch up with Mathieu and see some incredibly exciting progress in the wines.

In this case we're talking Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris with 6 months maceration in amphora, then another 6 months in steel after the two grapes were married. This wine is possessed of a tectonic depth with just the barest suggestion of the aromatic playfulness one usually expects from Gewurz and PG.  

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