Rabasco 'Rosso Damigiana' 2016

$ 40.00


There's an old story sold to tourists all across Italy of the small grape farmer down the road that makes wine the old way without care for the international market or the whims of fancy Somms.  Alot of the time that's just a story grafted onto whatever local winery people are pushing. Iole Rabasco IS that story made real.

Rabasco's family has been growing grapes for generations in Pianella, a little village not far from Pescara in Abruzzo.  Her vineyards have never been pocked by nefarious chemicals and the cellar work here is wicked old school. Rabasco never adds any sulfite to any of her wines, made exclusively from local strains of Trebbiano for white and Montepulciano for red.  

This is her 'Damigiana' bottling of Montepulciano, alluding to the wine aging in demijohn, the hand blown, 54 liter tear-drop glass jars that have been a fixture of small scale artisan wine in Italy for centuries.  The vineyard site, La Salita, is as brutal as they come: crazy steep incline, vines two meters overhead and Iole is like 5 feet tall sooo... lotta work goes into this.  Ripe and heady but maintaining that essential animating life force that so often gets lost in the wake of power oriented wines.  

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