Papras 'Coccinela Rose' 2017

$ 22.00


As Greece emerges from the oenological irrelevance of the modern wine world we wine nerds are scrambling to make sense of it all!  Totally passed over by the Somm hegemony for years, Greece’s artisans are finally getting acclaim thanks to a small cadre of devoted importers.  We are totally stoked but we’re admittedly a bit befuddled by all the new grapes and places!

Papras Bio is one of the first producers we’ve really bonded with.  Located in the shadow of Mount Olympos in a village called Tyrnavos more famed for its debauched penis festival (seriously.) than it’s local strain of black muscat, Stergios Papras has been a champion of organic viticulture from the outset being among the first certified in Greece.  His wines are wickedly beguiling nymphettes and the pink wine is remarkable, endowed with a scintillating curves and an abounding herbaceous quality that is dangerously pleasing on a hot day…

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