Our Wine 'Akhoebi Saperavi' 2017

$ 36.00


The wines of the somewhat cumbersomely named ‘Our Wine’ are unreal, like Cornelissen's early Bronco wines: untamable raw will. Winemaker Soliko is a special character, approaching his winemaking and growing with a mystical sense of purpose: "there's no such thing as winemaking!"  Biodynamic farming and winemaking without any sulfur (they do use some to clean the vessels). Alas, Soliko passed away in 2018 so while the winery will continue under the care of his sons and apprentice, this is really the last vintage from Soliko’s tenure.

Saperavi is an interesting grape with fearsome definition and an intense inkiness. Akhoebi vineyard is a little trickier for Soliko as it is wetter but it's where all his Saperavi lives. The method for all of Our Wines is exactly the same: fermentation and aging on the skins and stems for 6 months in traditional Qvevri without any additives.

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