Naotari Family Amber Blend 2016

$ 36.00


Georgia is experiencing that right now as a wave of importers and consumers have suddenly become interested. Unfortunately, Georgia is still recovering from the wounds of communism and its professional wine culture is in its infancy in the modern era. This has led many, including some highly HIGHLY respected tastemakers to the throw stones at Georgian wine saying things like "all the wines are f#$%ed up," "Georgian wines are all corked" and other such silliness. Naotari is the proof embodied that those folks have missed the mark. Like Our Wine, Naotari is a spiritually informed, ultra natural producer but with uncanny precision. Where Our Wine produces raw wines of carnal truth, Naotari is about control, studied technique yielding greater purity than damn near anyone in the country!

This is classic Eastern style. Rkatsiteli, Khikhvi, Kisi, local white varieties cofermented and macerated for 6 months in the impressive subterranean Qvevri of the region without the use of any added sulfur, any fining, any filtration. With so much cellar dexterity, this wine shows an almost Nebbiolo like aromatic presence and ability to age.  

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