La Clarine Farm 'Rosé Alors' 2017

$ 24.00

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Sometimes, when folk come into ye olde Wine Bottega to solicit our aid in selecting rarified radness, we like to ask “how high do you want to fly the freak flag tonight?”  Natural wine gets talked about like it’s all gonna be funky space juice and we think it’s important to make it clear that natural wine is ALSO the ultimate expression of classic style.  But then… it’s fun to go on a roller coaster right? It’s a gas to get good and scared at a horror movie! For those of you that crave the thrill of the cliff’s edge we have ‘Rose Alors.’  This wine is electrified, it’s chaotic, it’s a maniacal supervillain that’s just so damn charming you can’t help but root for its successful overthrow of the known universe! You have been warned…

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