Giardino 'Paski' 2016

$ 37.00


These guys are friggin' legends!  Antonio and Daniela produce some of the most iconic regional wines of the volcanic highlands of Irpinia, Campania. The eye catching labels actually speak volumes of their approach: colorful, daring pieces sourced from a gang of local artists. The styles are at once wickedly modern and folksy; the wine within is very much the same.  

The whimsically named Coda di Volpe grape (tail of the fox) is a curious local character. The crazy tall vines are trained in the ancient 'jam a stick in the ground and tie the damn vine to it' method.  Not a lot of natural acidity in this grape and Campania gets like, all the sun, so the volcanic soils are a vital component in imbuing the final wine with definition. A week on the skins and aging in old barrels.  No sulfur, no filtration, crazy cool combination of rustic as shit and supremely slick.

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