Finca Parera 'Khronos' 2016

$ 40.00


So Catalonia is absolutely THE place to be for Spanish wine culture right now.  Not only is Barcelona and it's famous 'Bar Brutal' a major hub for natural wine drinking but the region has an incredible amount of geographic diversity furnished with a dragon's hoard of fascinating local grapes.  Foremost among these heritage vines is Sumoll, 'The King's Grape' as Finca Parera winemaker Ruben Parera calls it. ‘Khronos’ is vinified in a surprising fashion: he hand destems and then layers the clay fermenter with a layer of stems, a layer of grapes, a layer of stems, a layer of grapes and so on.  We've never heard of anyone approaching the process this way and the combination of the unusual ferment strategy, biodynamic viticulture and clay amphora conspires to yield an absolutely breathtaking wine.

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