Peybonhomme 'Energies' 2015

$ 35.00


So, we don’t really get excited about Bordeaux… basically ever. In a broad sense it’s a pretty stagnant wine culture and when change does occur it’s usually in service of cashing in on the newest market trend. Finding exceptions is hard but when we come across them we get REAL amped. This wine is from a great biodynamic producer we’ve been digging on for years now. Sourced from an old parcel with limestone and clayey soils, Merlot, Malbec and a splash of Cabernet Sauvignon fermented low and steady.  The wine is moved in conjunction with cosmic cycles to a series of mostly Italian-made clay Amphorae where the wine is aged for a year with two rackings to achieve purity. This is one of those earthen, deeply satisfying wines that the geekiest of geeks can get into just as readily as total normcore folks.

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