Domaine de la Pinte 'Sav'Or' 2017

$ 43.00


Of their 34 hectares of biodynamically tended vines, Domaine de la Pinte has a whopping 17 ha planted to the Jura's most iconic white grape: Savagnin. This is considered to be the largest single plot of the vine and with so much around these guys can get up to some interesting experimentation. So often the conversation with Savagnin is all about Flor, the post fermentory yeast family that settles on top of the wine and eats the glucose out of it as well as all the air in the barrel. Instead, this wine is all about skin maceration. This is a wickedly new realm of experimentation for the Jura and the examples are few so it's hard to say exactly how this might compare to another of its kind.  In any case, ‘Sav’Or’ does this interesting tropical thing that melds seamlessly the with the Jura’s classically arcing, mineral laced acidity.

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