Dato's 'Chkhaveri' 2017

$ 35.00


The conversation around Georgian wine is dominated by the Eastern reaches of the country where the regional style is the furthest afield of modern European ideals. In a way those wines are the easiest to talk about because their differentness is loud and empirical. As a result there's been less interest internationally in the more interior and Western stretches of Georgia where the approach is less 'noisy.' Dato is a small grower in Guria, a coastal area right on the black sea where the Qvevri are smaller, made of a different sort of clay and macerations are much shorter (more like modern wines). Harvest here is the latest in Georgia, after the first snows. Dato has like an eye dropper of wine and we are lucky to get any of this stuff.  This is a curious vine called Chkhaveri, a pinkish hued vine historically trained up trees. There’s some confusion about the grape because, like Pinot Gris, it’s pink color at ripeness can result in a pretty surprising array of color expressions. In this case, we’re really talking about mere hours of skin contact so this is really just a white with a ‘pre-soak.’ Truly this wine makes us think more of the feast-worthy, Trebbiano based amphora wines of western and central Italy than the throaty ambers of Kakheti.

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