Staffa 'Il Rosso' 2016

$ 25.00

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Danilo Marcucci is most known for his contributions to Vini Rabasco, Cantina Furlani, Tiberi and the ill-fated Vigneti Campanino (we’ll miss you forever!) but Staffa is actually his home base. The property is basically a freaking castle passed down through his wife’s line tracing back to the one-time rulers of Umbria. The vines that wreath the hills around were mostly planted back in the 70’s but, mercifully, they were spared the nauseating crush of chemical agriculture that spread like a mold bloom. Pure soils, no machinery, handwork, great fucking wine.

One of the funny variances between natural wine and the *ahem* other stuff is this flip on the aesthetic virtue of alcohol levels. Ok, lemme unpack that for ya: in chemical wine (that’s what it is, I’m over this “conventional wine” descriptor, it’s chemical wine. Chemical. Wine.) Higher alcohol, ‘big’ wines tend to be a great deal more popular because, well, they endure the manipulations with greater ease. In natural wine, dare I say actual wine (feeling feisty watch out) higher power wines are usually a bit tricky ‘cause the details are often obscured in a boozy environment. This has been a favorite of ours for a little while, there’s not too much around so once again it’s like to become a flash in the pan but it’s delish. Sangiovese cofermented with a bit of Sagrantino rendered in classic Danilo winemaking. No temperature control, no sulfur, no nonsense.

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