Cacique Maravilla 'Vino Naranja' 2018

$ 23.00


It’s hard to imagine life before Manuel stole our hearts… Really we are deeply obsessed with the man, the mustache and his magnificent wines.  Did we mention the stache? It’s great. Anywhosen, this wine blew our damn minds when we first tasted it and the obsession has only deepened.  This is Alexandrian Muscat, a grape usually associated with prettified sweet wines. The ungrafted centenarian vines are grown in the rich, volcanic soils of Bio Bio, Chile and the grapes are picked quite late with some noble rot affecting the bunches.  The wine is fermented with the skins and left to macerate without any punchdowns or pump overs for 2 months in old lagares! As Manuel says “no filter no sulfur no barrels just grape juice!!” Raw, fermenty goodness ahoy!

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