Bourdy 'Savagnin' 2013

$ 31.00

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Jura’s most treasured particularity is the development of Flor on Savagnin, the post fermentory yeast family that settles on top of the wine and eats the glucose out of it as well as all the air in the barrel!  This is the old style, directly pressed Savagnin juice goes right into old barrels BUT the barrel doesn't get filled all the way up. The headspace allows for the development of Flor or a 'veil' as they call it in France. The Bourdy's, like all the best producers that work with Flor from Jerez to Tokaji, take a mystic view on Flor: it develops of its own accord. So some of these barrels end up being a little oxidative and some of them get this Flor situation in varying degrees. 4 years of aging later, the wine is bottled and makes its way to our door and your glass. Wine is such a crazy thing...Savagnin’s particular ability to bind ripping acidity to broad texture and the curiously savory nature of Flor affected wines conspire to make this one of the ultimate cheese wines.

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