Albamar Albarino 2017

$ 27.00


Galicia’s Albarino, a stylistic sibling to the the more ubiquitous Sauvignon Blanc, and like it’s more famed aesthetic twin is often the target of the most shameless wine doctoring in the biz!  Rias Baixas is a land where aromatic yeast strains selected to give wines that artificial ‘grapefruit’ thing are nearly inescapable. Nearly. Muppety winemaker Xurxo Alba is one of those champions of patience that doesn’t fear the slow, cool ferments of his Atlantic environment.  Xurxo lets the vats take as long as they need and as a result his wines can take up to 9 months to reach dryness! What does this mean for the wines? Purity, truth, a threshold of honest beauty that folks don’t even realize is missing in other Albarino!

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