Al di là del Fiume, Fricandò Albana, 2017

$ 28.00

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These guys are so very rad. Imagine a scrappy little farm at the bend of a river just outside of Bologna that got so stoked on biodynamics they decided to basically become a hippy retreat center. Perhaps we're overselling their whackyness a bit but these guys teach classes on preparing your own natural detergents and balancing your energies. They've even got a woman on their staff whose title is legit 'esoteric therapist.'  For 'Fricando' they've taken the peasant's grape Albana and exalted it by fermenting this spritely, green skinned grape in whole clusters before aging in terracotta pots of different sizes for varying lengths of time. The result is a wine that fully realizes Albana's long overlooked potential. Turns out sometimes it takes a mystic orgy temple to see a diamond in the rough...(We couldn't resist an orgy joke, maturity is for suckers right?)

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