We're excited to release the next few months of our class schedule. Take one or take them all, we are pacing them at one a month to give you the chance to become a student of wine. Follow the links to our Evenbrite page or call us at the shop to book directly! 


Some people hear the word class and think, yay! Some think, boring! But we like to think that our classes are intensely geeky but conversational, with lots of good feels for all levels of learners. 


If you see a class you're interested in but the timing is bad, feel free to reach out to and ask about private classes. We operate on a minimum, so gathering a few friends together usually is the most fun and makes the most sense. We love to teach, so reach out and see what we can make happen.




There has been building buzz surrounding the wines of this unique culture, and for good reason. Getting real deal Georgian wine into the state of MA was a mission we started over two years ago and we’ve been shouting our love of it from the rooftops ever since. Many don’t even know that they even make wine but fun fact, the country of Georgia is the longest recorded wine making culture on earth. Come learn what makes Georgian wine tick, and why we’ve fallen in love with its ancient vibes and lovingly nicknamed it Klingon Wine.



There’s a good chance you’ve heard the term Biodynamics, but what do you understand about it? A farming practice introduced to the world in the 1920’s by Rudolph Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy, it is inherently surrounded by mystery and controversy. We’re gunna get into it, assisted by Giselle Portuondo who has returned from a transformative internship in Sicily on Mt. Etna and has been diving deep into the world and history of Biodynamics.
We’re gunna come out and say it, Greek wine has gotten a bad rap. In our passionate promotion we’ve noticed even some who have traveled to the beautiful isles have come back believing there is nothing delicious to be had. But that’s just not the truth of the matter and we have a belief we’ve lived and been rewarded by: Great and terrible wine is made everywhere. We’ve been discovering wonderful producers over the past few years and want to share some of the treasures and stories with you. It’s particularly tough to be a natural wine maker in Greece for several reasons including an insane tax bracket. So let’s learn more about their hard work and celebrate these beautiful finds.