Take a Class: Imbibe Academy


That’s right, classes are back at The Wine Bottega. Don’t worry, “Academy” can sound so formal, but the last thing we want is to be intimidating. Quite the opposite! At Imbibe Academy, people at all levels of wine knowledge are welcome to learn and play. We employ the ancient Greek definition of academy: a place for study; a place to listen, discuss, and explore. As you will see, our classes range from philosophical to scientific, from social to skill-building. Come check one out, join in the fun, and explore wine with us.

Price: All classes this release are $50 per person.
Length: Although all classes are blocked for two hours, expect about an hour and a half of presentation and discussion, allowing for a little extra time for people to get settled in at the beginning, and chat and ask questions at the end. 
Booking: Call the shop to book today 617.227.6607, or use this think here to our Eventbrite page to buy tickets online. 
But please note that due to the nature of events, classes are non-refundable. 

 Café Cocktails w. Joe Choiniere of Forage (August 17th6-8pm
You’re asking yourself, how can you make cocktails, you don’t sell liquor?! Well this is all about the beauty of low abv, session-style deliciousness. Learn how to make refreshing drinks you can have five of and not regret life the next day by using vermouths, aperitifs, aromatized wine and amari. Joe, a real expert and all around cool dude from Forage restaurant in Cambridge will be here to show you the ropes.

Pet-Nat Party: Around the World in Tiny Bubbles (August 26th3-5pm
Do you enjoy sparkling wines? Do you know what a Pet Nat is? All these crazy kids (including us) are hip to this naturally sparkling style and we’re excited to tell you about it and taste you on it. If you’re familiar you’re bound to learn something new, and if you’re not then this is a mandatory experience.

Vin de Soif!: Crushing French Wine (September 9th3-5pm
France is a hotbed of crazy wine hipsters making avant-garde, thirst-quenching bottles that they open with abandon and pour freely. Dive into this crash course on the “soif” wine scene and learn what to look for in a great glou glou party wine.

The Empire Strikes Back: Royally Toasted (September 21st6-8pm
Let us pour you a tale of far off lands long long ago. A tale of Hapsburg princes and princesses losing all the wars and winning all the marriages. Austrian and Hungarian wines are what’s on the menu here, Game of Thrones is great, but all this actually happened. In summary, we drink and we know things.