Our Mojo

The Wine Bottega believes in Real Wine, wine that holds the story of the people who made it and the place from which it comes. What we believe is that a wine is not great because it is natural, but that a great natural wine can be extraordinary.

We can’t wait to share the magic with you.

 The Elephant Question in the Room: What is real wine, a.k.a. natural wine? Isn’t wine already natural?

Answer: Good question. Unfortunately, no.

Unlike our ‘food,’ the FDA does not require the ingredients in wine to be listed. There are more than 100 different ingredients, other than grapes, that can be used in industrial winemaking, including: glycerine (for increased mouth feel), dried fish bladders and extract of cow pancreas (to filter out sediment), and silicone oil (to prevent the mess of a messy level of foaming during fermentation). My personal favorite are aroma enhancers. One such product includes “Heavy metals < 30 ppm (as Lead.)” Romans used to add lead to their wine, it didn’t end well for them...

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s just a side effect of industrial food. I always like to compare it to a cookie you’d make at home versus to a package of brand-name cookies. When you have to make billions of cookies, and people expect them to be the same every time, and expect to always have cookies, you have to figure out how to make them on time, in bulk, and stable whether they travel five miles or five thousand. The science to make that happen is not always good for the product or its consumer.

Wine is a product of agriculture. We all understand the benefits to people and planet of sustainable farming; real wine is a part of that philosophy. We could dive deeper into that philosophical pool to talk about taste of place, terroir, diversity (both cultural and biological), and more, but we will leave that for the shop and the blog.