We are a tiny shop, tucked away in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Boston. Sometimes we say we’re like the Millennium Falcon: not shiny or new, no bells or whistles, unconventional and one of a kind but packing a punch exactly the way you need it to. 

We’re insatiable geeks who take wine seriously, but not ourselves. We’re as ready to talk about the soil composition of the Alto Piedmonte as we are to sell you finger puppets or debate which Star Trek series was the best.

We believe that natural wine is not only the right thing to do, but the rad-as-hell thing to drink. When natural wine is good, it is freakin’ amazing. So since late 2016, The Wine Bottega is wholly a natural wine shop. 

What is natural wine? Well, we’d love to talk to you about it if you’d like to drop by. In brief, natural wine is made with clean farming in the vineyard and no chemical intervention in the cellar, as all wine was made for thousands of years: just grapes and time. 

Today, less than 10% of wine is natural. There have been some great and terrible articles written about it, but one we think gets to the point is Wine is Food, by Eric Asimov, the NYTimes wine writer.

You’ll see that part of what makes natural wine special is not just what is in the wine, it’s what is not. Unfortunately these days, wine can be so processed and full of additives that it can be the bag of cheese puffs you don’t know you’re drinking.

Take the plunge with us and the only thing you’ll regret is not doing it sooner. We love getting to know what you love, sharing what we love, and helping you fall head over heels with a whole new galaxy of possibilities. Come and learn how to drink fearless.