Weekly Friday Night Tastings 

Every week we welcome you to come by for our free Friday tasting from 5-8pm at the shop. We always have some kind of theme up our sleeve and hope to woo you with a good sip that comes with a story. This is the place to start your weekend and perhaps be inspired to plan your next adventure.


Take a Class: Imbibe Academy


“Academy” can sound so formal, but the last thing we want is to be intimidating. Quite the opposite! At Imbibe Academy, people at all levels of wine knowledge feel welcome to learn and play. We employ the ancient Greek definition of academy: a place for study, a place to listen, discuss, and explore. As you will see, our classes range from philosophical to scientific, from social to skill-building. Come check one out, join in the fun, and explore wine with us.

Check out our public class page here.

Private Classes

Our classes are great opportunities to bring people together and learn something new. What are our classes good for?

  • Corporate team-building
  • A night out with friends and/or family
  • Developing latent super-powers
  • Opening new realms of pun-based humor
Booking a private class with us is easy, so give us a call or email to place an inquiry.