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Avoid joining a boring wine club and instead bring The Wine Bottega to you by joining one of our two subscription programs, Glou Glou and Forever Friday. Both programs have bonus benefits that include in-store discounts if you decide that your delivery of deliciousness isn’t enough for the month. Join the coolest wine club in the city—dare we say the country, no, dare we say the universe? Aggressive? We may have been several cups deep into high-proof coffee when we wrote this. Caffeine-induced heart palpitations are temporary, but our excitement is forever. Subscribers to both programs receive profiles of their wines, as well as suggestions for pairing. We pride ourselves on our culture of hospitality and knowledge. Membership is limited, but if a program you are interested in is currently full, we always maintain our waiting list. We will reach out when a slot opens up so you can join in the fun as soon as possible! 

Additional Benefits:

5% off any in-store purchase 

First dibs on new classes


Glou Glou

$100/Month for 6 bottles + shipping, or you can pick it up in-store for free.

“Glou glou” is a French term that means just what it sounds like: drink it, drink it now, and enjoy. We pick 2 reds, 2 whites, and 2 wild cards. Wild cards can be white, red, rosé, orange, sparkling, or cider. We like to think of this program as a life hack. You never have to worry about finding a reasonable and delicious bottle to bring as a gift, share with company, or open for yourself when it’s time to Netflix and chill. Get out of your corner store rut and enjoy some armchair travel with your quality daily glass. Look at that octopus, he don't give a ****.

Additional Benefits:

10% off any in-store purchase

First dibs on new classes

First dibs on special wine offers

Forever Friday

$200/Month for 6 bottles + shipping, or you can pick it up in-store for free

Savor the experience of having your own sommelier, a personal wine shopper who picks out bottles that will be perfect for you. And as a kicker, the wines come at the Friday night tasting discount of 20% off. Want to build your cellar a little each month and also have wines ready to drink now? Sure! Want all red? All white? All sparkling because you’re just that fabulous? No problem. Our vino geniuses will select wines based on your personal profile. Bring any unopened bottle you aren’t interested in back to the store and we’ll swap it out for another of equal value.

Details on Delivery Due to Massachusetts law we can only deliver within the state of Massachusetts. Pricing on delivery will depend on on a case to case basis, but we are happy to obtain a quote upon request. Factors of course include weight and distance, but in addition to FedEx we have the wonderful option of MetroPedal Power. This is an eco friendly bicycle driven delivery service for those who live within a radius of Boston and to boot their pricing is competitive.