Natural Wine School



All the knowledge we can drop.

If you've ever visited us at the shop (and we're guessing you have, because you're receiving this email), you've probably been witness to more than one bout of unabashedly (maybe unreasonably) enthusiastic ramblings/rants/dissertations about the wines, producers and regions we love. Often (mid-ramble), we get asked how we know so much. We're not really sure how to answer that. Sure, some of us have "studied" wine, but at the end of the day, it kind of just comes down to the fact that we love wine. Really love it. A lot.

We probably can't make everyone love wine as much as we do... But we sure can try. Starting this Fall, we're launching the very firs Natural Wine School here at The Wine Bottega. In the interest of helping you soak up the real wine gospel, we've put together a semester of classes designed to expand, inspire and enlighten your understanding of the world of natural wine (and wine in general, of course). 

Join us for an evening (or two! or three!) in which we'll taste, talk and take the guesswork out of drinking clean. We'll go over the classics, the outliers, the benchmarks, the underdogs, the foundations, the future and everything in-between. We'll leave no bottle unturned. We're so excited to share our passion with all of you. Don't miss out!

The Details:

What: A series of sit-down classes that will include light fare from our friends at Salumeria Italiana, 6 wines to learn from and any printed materials we deem invaluable to your learning experience. The cost is $50 per person. The fun is free. 

When: Classes will be held on alternating Wednesdays from 7-8:30PM.

Where: Here at the shop! 341 Hanover Street in Boston's North End.

Who: James and Lauren will be your pied pipers, errr... instructors. 

How (do I sign up): Visit our Eventbrite page!


Friday Wine Tastings
Join us at The Wine Bottega for our weekly Friday Night Tastings! Swing by anytime between 5PM and 8PM, and learn about new regions, grapes and producers. Friday Night Tastings are always free, and tasting wines are always discounted. Come taste and discover a new favorite!
Check back soon for a schedule of wine dinners and special events!