Lamoresca 'Vino Rosso' 2017

$ 38.00


The natural wine conversation about Sicily tends to swirl about two names: Occhipinti and Cornelissen and though both deserve the acclaim, we really think Filippo Rizzo ought to be mentioned!  Filippo, a chef that returned to his native land in the craggy plains of south central Sicily to start a small vineyard and olive grove, makes the kind of energized wines we go loony for. The story here isn’t about cellar acrobatics, Filippo’s appropriately named ‘Vino Rosso’ is a humble field blend of expertly grown grapes made in a truly minimalist fashion.  Frappato, a grape made famous by the Occhipinti family, leads the charge here with brilliant flirty aromatics that drop into a deep bottom of sunny, earthen goodness.

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