Jouves 'Tu Vin Plus Aux Soirees' 2018

$ 25.00


If you’ve been part of our little shop eco system for a minute we’ve almost certainly jammed this wine at you before 'cause we're pretty obsessed...  Jouves’ wines are roughly delineated between ‘terroir wines’ and what he calls ‘thirst wines’ bottled with ridiculous names, goofy labels and lots of enthusiasm for life! This is absolutely that second thing. Now, his domaine sits on the edge Cahors and an even less evangelized appellation called Quercy where Cabernet Franc is the move. Mostly his own Cahors-grown Malbec, Jouves works with friends to source a spot of righteous Cab Franc and sometimes a little splash of Merlot to add to the story. The base wines are fermented whole cluster in concrete to give the wine that fresh, juicy fun-loving thing.  This ain’t that big Argentine vibe, this is a manic-pixie-dream wine that takes to chill real well!

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