Sicily Abbondanza
December, 01, 11:03 am


The Volcano Awakens

Our quest for the most revelatory wines of Italy has led us across the Straits of Messina to the untamed island of Sicilia. Since ancient times, Sicily has been an important center of the Mediterranean wine trade, constantly evolving with the waves of foreign influence, while remaining truly distinct and identifiably Sicilian The current explosion of new winemakers is very much borne out of the earth; seeking to re-connect with the volcanic soils along the slopes of Mount Etna, down to the sun-baked southern shores of Vittoria.  This new guard of winemakers has taken to emphasizing ancient tools and methods, such as fermenting in amphorae, to pay homage to the practices of antiquity. This is your chance to taste the history, as well as the future, of Sicilian wine.

Featured producers:  Occhipinti, Gulfi, COS, Salvo Foti, Frank Cornelissen

15 wines
Thursday, December 9th
No RSVP needed – first come, first served.


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2 Responses to “Sicily Abbondanza”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Etna is the new black.

  2. miles says:

    yes yes, the volcano erupted indeed. let the beo flow like a river of etnaic lava goodness.

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