Farm to Glass





We are excited to share the delicious world of organic, biodynamic and natural wine with you each month! The Wine Bottega's Farm to Glass program is a subscription based wine share modeled after the rising movement of locally and consciously sourced foods also know as “Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA). By being a member of Farm to Glass you are supporting several small, local businesses and the small production wineries and farmers who produce your wines. Many of you are already going the extra mile in being members of a fruit, vegetable or meat CSA, but being a part of Farm to Glass truly completes the picture. You want delicious, real food on your table made my hard working farmers, this takes it one step further, allowing you to enjoy real wine made by real farmers!  


The Wines:

We at The Wine Bottega are dedicated to small production, naturally made wines that best express the land from which they come and also represent a tremendous value. The wines you receive will be food-friendly and seasonally minded, i.e. during the winter you may get more hearty red wines while in the heat of summer you might get a fresh white wine or a seasonal rosé! Each share will come complete with the story of the winemaker, the region or just some simple tasting notes to give you more context and to make drinking more fun!


Why aren’t all the wines local?

This is an important question to address. While Massachusetts does have many small, local wineries they are still very much works in progress.   Often these wines are even made with grapes from far afield and the price points are outside of the scope of the Farm to Glass program. In the shop we support several local wineries to the best of our ability and given the chance a local wine may turn up in your share from time to time. More often than not the best value is going to come from the wines of Europe. Keep in mind that by being a member of Farm to Glass you are supporting several small, local businesses as well as the farmer/winemakers who craft these traditional wines!


Why aren't all the wines labeled "organic"?  

As you may know, all things labeled "organic" are not created equal.   There are many reasons why a winemaker who farms organically may not be certified organic or display the fact that they are certified on their label.   In many cases the regulations that govern the certification process are seen as flawed or insufficient by the winemaker.  Often a small-scale winery may not have the money it takes to become certified.   Through Farm to Glass you will be enjoying many organic, biodynamic and natural wines; some certified, some not. What's truly important to know is that you are getting a REAL wine that is made in the most traditional, natural way by a dedicated farmer.


Additional Membership Benefits:

As a member of Farm to Glass you are able to supplement your monthly share with wines from the shop at an “a la carte” discount of 10% upon delivery. Need bubbles, dessert wine, having a party and need to stock up? Adequate planning time and supply of the wine apply, but we will always have something new and exciting to share with you!



Each month you will receive either a small share (6 bottles) or a large share (12 bottles) delivered to your doorstep by Metro Pedal Power. MetroPed is a small, local business that uses bicycles as its means of transportation. This will allow your wines to be delivered to you quickly and easily with as little impact on the environment as possible. If you are outside of MetroPed's delivery range your wines will be shipped via FedEx Ground. Extra shipping/handling expenses will apply. Of course, you are also welcome to drop by, say hi and pick-up!


Payment and Continued Membership:

You will be billed once a month with credit card information that is kept on file. Membership is rolling, but you can cancel or put your membership on hold at anytime. A small share is $100/month and a large share is $190/month. We will coordinate with you to determine your exact fees for delivery if applicable.



To sign up please email Kerri at  Cheers!