Hangtime Selections: Lightly pressed and perfect for spring!

We all know that spring is in the air...somewhere.  And we can't help but notice the upbeat spirits of everyone as the days get longer and the temperatures warmer. Springtime at The Wine Bottega is one of the best times of the year; between new wines, pink wines, fizzy wines...well you get the picture, we are enjoying them to say the least. While Matt is finding us more of these goodies over in Italy this week, our friend Jeff Slavin of Hangtime Wholesale Co. will be joining us tonight to show off some of his perfect springtime wines!  All lightly pressed, these wines are essential to your weekend plans!  Oh and don't forget that Easter is coming up!

Vigneti Massa, Derthona, Piedmont Italy, $25
It is undoubtedly the sound and fury
of Italian sommeliers: Massa's Timorasso.  Modigliani curves (this wine is full bodied) focused by the angled faces; some fruit, a warm minerality, and all carried by an acidity that recalls a heavyweight with agile footwork. It's hard not to get worked up about Walter Massa's wines.  He has a vision for a variety nobody wanted, worked in obscurity for years, rescued the grape, and doesn't talk about himself but about the territory of Colli Toronesi. When you get lost going there, start asking people 100 km out; they all know and love him, from the gas station guy to the producer next door.

Nuo, Vermentino di Sardegna, Italy $18

Sardegna is a region that remains a place of disparity between the industrial/conventional winemaking and the very very few small scale artisans. Finding the in-between is really tough but we think we have a real winner here. Beautiful golden/amber color from a touch of skin contact, this vermentino has a salty edge but a soft core that's easy and interesting all at the same time. 

Le Vigne di Alice, Ose Vino Spumante Brut, Veneto, Italy $20

Sisters-in-law Cinzia Canzian an Pier Francesca Bonicelli started Alice in 2004 to fulfill their dream of bottling artisanal Prosecco that's all their own; estate fruit, pre-Dolomite, grower Prosecco. We call it Prosecco for non-Prosecco lovers (a category that includes us). Alice, named after Cinzia's grandmother, has in just a few years become a rising star. These are pink bubbles with a unique twist: the pink comes from the distinctive variety Marzemino. Marzemino lends both aromatics and acidity making this a great addition to your Saturday dinner plans or your Sunday brunch!

Vallarom, Marzemino, Trentino, Italy, $25
We've loved the mountain white wines from this small producer in high Dolomites of Italy and we couldn't be more excited to pop a bottle of this new red wine from them.  100% marzemino...you might not have heard of it but we're betting you've drank it unknowingly before...think Alpine pinot noir from Italy, but better.

Walter Massa, Sic Est Rosato, Piedmont, Italy $20

Sig. Massa is one of the most well respected agronomists in the wine world of Italy. His preservation of local grape varieties, especially the rare timorasso white grape, along with a deep rooted understanding of both traditional and natural winemaking are showcased in each of his wines. This guy can make great everyday wines (he makes our beloved Fuso barbera) as well as some of the most complex and age worthy wines in eastern Piedmont. Spring into spring with this pink form of barbera and freisa

Denny Bini, Levante 90, Malvasia dell'Emilia Frizzante, $20
Slightly effervescent, bottle fermented, orange-ish, aromatic, dry malavasia from the Fizz belt of Italy? Yes, please! Denny Bini is a very small scale, cult followed producer in Emilia-Romagna. His wines are the reference point for the locals there and they have finally become available here in the US (very limited quantities). Spring time and pet-nat...the ideal pairing. 

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