Thanksgiving Part 2: The Classics

One week from now most of us will be huddled around an unlit doorway at 4 in the morning chomping at the bit to be the first to storm the door of your local [insert big chain, box store name here] Friday.  But before we go there (and please, don't go there)...we have some serious eating and drinking to do!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day and everyone does it a bit differently, yet the beauty of the holiday is that its central tradition remains the same across the country...turkey, tons of semi-sweet side dishes, family, football and wine.  Make that A LOT of wine (you're gonna need it to survive the 'family and football' portion of the day :)

Tonight we have Part 2 of our Thanksgiving preparations: the Traditional wines you're supposed to have (through the eyes of the Bottega of course).  We love putting together this lineup each year, and it's also one of the best times to grab a mixed six pack of the tasting wines, which will make everyone at the table very happy. 

And a special thanks to all of our customers for the continued support...we love you!


Part II, The Traditional Thanksgiving Lineup:

Odinstal, Gewurtztraminer 350nn, Pfalz, Germany $30

Obligatory Aromatic White Wine Alert.  When sticking to the 'classics' of the Thanksgiving table, at some point someone made the rule that you've got to drink something with a lot of aromas.  In this case, we have a real winner.  Biodynamic farming, natural winemaking and a level of balance and purity rarely achieved with the spicy Gewurtztraminer variety. 

Domaine Billard, Hautes-Cotes de Beaune blanc, Burgundy $25

When I first tried this wine it brought me right back to my days leading bike tours in Burgundy.  Back then I didn't know what 'white Burgundy' was, but I knew I loved it when I started to discovered it. There's always gonna be chardonnay haters, that's fine, more for us!  Everything about this wine is classic, I dare you not to love it.

Pierre Chermette, Beaujolais Nouveau, France $15

Yep, est arrive'! If you still think that ALL Beaujolais Nouveau is commercial junk sold as a marketing ploy right before Thanksgiving're right.  But though this wine is a Thanksgiving staple, it is NOT industrially made junk (see Duboeuf). Chermette is one of the Beaujolais greats and his nouveau is all about a fun, delicious celebration of the most recent harvest.  There's real wine inside this bottle, and we got some magnums!

Onward, Pinot Noir, Hawkeye Ranch, Redwood Valley, CA $40

Obligatory Domestic Pinot Noir Alert. Yes, this too is a must have on the Thanksgiving table.  And yes, there will be plenty of bad pinot noir in circulation in the next advised, this ain't one of 'em.  This is the newest vintage from Onward and it's excellent.  Deep fruit, vibrant color and pure pinot for days.  So good we couldn't resist conforming to our Pinot Noir obligation 

Porter Creek, Old Vine Zinfandel, Sonoma, CA $35

In the Annual Wine Retailers Guide to Thanksgiving Sales Manual (this is not a real thing by the way), its says,  "The most classic of all Thanksgiving wines is of course Zinfandel. One  MUST drink full bodied American Zinfandel on Thanksgiving.  Offer a selection of several full-throttle, high-alcohol, off-dry Zinfandel's to your customers and you will instantly become rich!".  We don't subscribe to this stuff, it just comes in the mail!  Anyway, Zin?  Yeah.  Porter Creek Zin...hell yeah!  This is the real deal when it comes to an all American classic.

Eric Bordelet, Poire` Authentique,  Normandy, France $18

A long standing Bottega tradition, we couldn't have Thanksgiving without some Bordelet cider.  Sourced from centuries old pear orchards this is made as if it were champagne, so the elegance and bubbles are much more persistent then most ciders.  Low alcohol, gently family makes me bring 4 bottles (at least).

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