California Abbondanza!

Porter Creek, Fiona Hill

When I first walked through the doors of The Wine Bottega, I never thought I would be putting on a California abbondanza. For the last year I have thrown my focus into France and Italy to learn the regions, varieties and ultimately to prove that I can hang with Kerri and Matt and all that they know! Maybe I'll get there soon.   But seriously, the day I tasted La Clarine Farm Piedi Grandi, I knew that California was on to something. I was already a fan of the classics like Ridge and Porter Creek, but finding $20 California Pinot Noir from Hobo Wine Co was an 'a-ha' kind of moment.


So, for all you skeptics, some bullet points.

There is good wine in California that:

a) don't cost an arm and a leg

b) are made with organic/biodynamic/natural farming philosophies

c) use little to no additives in the winemaking

d) are made by real people with real stories....just like we like them.


It's plain and simple. Real people with real stories making real wine. In California. That is what this California Abbondanza is all about. While I feel as though the wines in this tasting speak for themselves, I will give a little bit more information below to entice you.


We will be pouring a range that is beyond unique, that truly defines the New California Wine Movement. From producers making wines in tiny garages on the back streets of Berkeley to some of the storied icons like Ridge and Porter Creek (despite what you think we do pay our respect to these pioneering producers).


Join us, see what's going on in California right now and what the future looks like. It's looking good, and delicious.


Here's the lineup:


-Onward, Malvasia Pet-Nat, Suisun Valley: An aromatic, dry pet-nat from Cali? Hell yeah.


-Scribe Winery, Sonoma: A producer you should know, they have big things in their future.
-Roark, Sauvignon blanc: What the?  
-Broc Cellars, Valdigue, Solano, : Chris Brockway, 'nuf said.
-Ghostwriter, Pinot Noir: A wine that should be a cult wine but we are happy it isn't.
-Onward, Pinot Noir, Cerise Vineyard, Anderson Valley: our new pinot noir girl 
-Anthill Farms, Anderson Valley Pinot Noir: Our token cult wine. 
-A Tribute to Grace, Grenache, Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyard, Santa Barbara: grenache like you've never tasted before


-La Clarine Farm, Piedi Grandi (nebbiolo, et al): Hank Beckmeyer, the guy making the best natural wines in the country, period.

-Forlorn Hope, Barbera: 87 cases produced and we got the last one!


-Porter Creek, Old Vine Carignane, Mendocino: Before Chris Brockway made carbonic carignan a thing, Alex Davis was doing carignan proper. Some serious stuff here.


-Ridge, Three Valleys, Zinfandel: Paul Draper, the reason why American zinfandel exists and the true benchmark.


-Pied a Terre, Cabernet: What's an American tasting without cabernet?! Gotta have it. 

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